Outdoor & Wildlife Holidays in Greece

Προφίλ by Oleander Travel BV is an activity of Oleander Travel BV for sustainable adventure, cultural, trekking, walking and wildlife holidays in Greece.
We offer you exciting and educational travel packages which are also flexible and affordable. We have chosen specific destinations in Greece which stand out for their beauty, unique character and cultural and historical importance.
You may choose from tailor-made eco-tour packages, a wide range of adventure travel programs, and special interest tours any time of the year.
Our commitment to promoting ecotourism, sustainable tourism practices and wildlife and environment protection policy is not only mandatory, it is a state of mind.


Mountain Guides

Thanasis Pantes

Thanasis had his first experience with the wonderful and boundless mountain chain of Pindus, when he was studying Mathematics at the University of Ioannina. 
During the following years, he expanded hundreds of kilometers of trekking to the exquisite Pelion Mount, Meteora and Mount Olympus. 
Trekking is his main profession. He has passed many times the Vikos Canyon, the Voidomatis river, the peaks Gamila and Smolikas, and also the beautiful villages of Zagoria. The hospitality of the habitants, the tradition, and the people's characters, were the main reasons for turning his hobby on trekking into his main profession. 
Thanasis is hiking more than fifteen years, and he is ready not only to guide but also to share with anyone the invaluable nature of Greece.

Stelios Tsialikis

Stelios is member of the Greek Mountaineering Club of Thessaloniki, and got involved with outdoor activities since 1995. He has escorted many trekking groups in Greece, Himalaya, India and Nepal.
Since 2000 he is coordinating volunteer projects in Northern Pindus on behalf of WWF Hellas, and since 2009 he is guiding big trekking groups in the ‘National Park of Pindus. Stelios speaks Greek, English and loves pottery.


Tourist Guides

Kalliopi Bona

Kalliopi Bona was born and raised in Germany but has two mother tongues, German and Greek, and guides in English as well. By becoming a qualified tourist guide in Greece she made her hobby her profession. Since 1993 she guides all over Greece bringing the past to life in archeological and historical sites, religious monuments and museums but also makes the visitor a part of everyday life in modern Greece. She likes nature, the mountains and the sea, skiing, hiking, swimming and sailing and is interested particularly in archeology, history and mythology. She is a member of the Association of Greek National Guides and lives in Athens.

Kiki Barbageorgopoulou

After completing her archaeology studies in the University of Thessaloniki Kiki decided to combine her two big interests, archaeology and travelling. The Tourist Guide's School in Lesvos gave her this opportunity. Since then and for the last fifteen years she has been travelling all over Greece, sharing its incomparable beauties and famous cultural sites with friends visiting the country from all over the world. Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, Athens, Delphi, Olympia and Meteora are only a few of the beautiful places she loves to bring people to. Her tours are carried out in Greek, English, Spanish or German with the same enthusiasm as the one she had on her very first tour. Kiki is a member of the Greek Tourist Guides Association.


Anna Angelidou - Tour Program Developer

Anna became involved in tourism while still at University when she was asked to help organize a two week art history study program in Europe. From that moment on she wanted to find a way to combine her love of world history and culture with travel. She now designs special interest cultural heritage tours. She is a native English speaker and was born in the United States but has lived in Athens, Greece since 1992.


Alexios Sahinides - Travel consultant, guide & Tour Program Developer

Alexis was born and raised in Northern Greece. He has completed his studies in the Economic Science at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has worked in Greece and abroad. He has ventured on hundreds of treks through the mountains of Greece, especially in the area of Zagori, Mount Olympus and Mount Pelion, guiding people from all over the world. On occasion he has also organized television productions at Mount Olympus for the Austrian television channel ORF. Alexis is a Walking Holidays travel consultant and tour program developer. He is also an active member of NGOs related to nature and environmental protection for the last twenty five years.Last but not least, Alexis is the co-founder of